I must admit, I’m not one for using blogging clients. I tend to use the plain old write screen. However after reading this review on Mashable I thought I’d give Blogo a whirl. Of course this is my first post using it so I can’t yet say how well it works, but the interface on the programme itself is nice. Simplistic yet full of features which is right up my alley.

It does have a price tag of around $20 attached to it however, which seems reasonable but as I’m currently in the poor house I’m not likely to use it after the trial is up.

*edit* Don’t use the ‘rich’ editor mode, else it messes up the formatting.

*second edit this time from the wordpress write screen*

Apparently it doesn’t work too well with WordPress, the formatting seems messed up no matter whether you use rich or html mode. Ah well, that’s another one discounted.

2008 – the year from hell

I know, I’m very late with my end of year post, but christmas has been a very chaotic time for me.

So, as the title says, 2008 was the year from hell. We began the year trying to fight off creditors and prevent our house from being repossessed. Sadly by the end of the year we could do nothing to prevent it and lost our house. On top of this in November, having little other choice, we declared bankruptcy. By this time my husband was also unemployed. Having a very bad credit rating this also meant that finding a house to rent on the private market was out, so we applied for a council house. The local council seemed to delight in stretching this process, and thus our fear of homelessness, out as long as they possibly could.

Thankfully we were eventually given a house and it’s from a freshly painted living room in said house that I type this. It’s been an extremely stressful year, and I would certainly never volunteer for the mortgage ladder ever again. But we have a fresh start and are now finally able to start looking forward. Our lives currently aren’t perfect, or even comfortable (trying to live on benefits is a massive challenge in itself), but we’re certainly a lot happier than we’ve been in a long time.

There were some positives for me in 2008 – for one in May I got to see my lifetime idle in concert for the first time – Bruce Springsteen. I’m not one to go all gooey over celebrities, far from it, but this man is a saint. I’ve been to a fair few concerts during my lifetime but I’d never seen such energy and genuine passion radiate from one man on a stage before. It was truly spectacular and I hope I someday get the chance to see him again.

And of course the one constant positive in my life is my daughter. She turned 15 this year and it’s fantastic to see her blossom. She’s felt the stress just like the rest of the family but somehow has still managed to stay on top of things at school and do well. She’s now in the process of choosing a college and it’s great to see her enthusiasm about the future.

So all in all, 2008 was far from great, but despite the constant economic gloom and doom being shoved down our throats every day I have high hopes for 2009. I’m even in the mood for some blogging, that has to be a good sign, right? :)

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WordPress 2.5.1

In case you didn’t know, WordPress 2.5.1 was released today. I’ve just done the upgrade here, which was quick and painless I’m glad to say!

The upgrade consists of around 70 bug fixes, but the really important part of this upgrade is that it contains a security fix. You can read all the details over here on the dev blog. If you haven’t already upgraded, given this is a security update I strongly recommend that you do. You can grab yourself a copy right here.

Blogging history

No, not blogging about history, but the history of my blogging. Despite this blog being only a year old, I’ve been blogging for a lot longer than that, going back almost 4 years I think. My old blog is currently stored over here, but I’ve been thinking about importing all the posts to this domain.

At the time I decided to start afresh and leave that old blog behind, it was mostly because I felt it had become a bit stagnant and that starting again would kickstart some of the blogging juices I’d lost. I’m not really sure that plan worked, but there are a few posts on the old one that have some personal importance to me. I’m not afraid to admit that most of it is rubbish, but I wrote it and it’s a part of my blogging history which I think is important to preserve. Probably not important to anybody else, but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. :)

So I think over the next few days I’ll get to work on that. Not sure yet if I should import the whole lot or just the least rubbish ones.


I’ve decided to manually import by way of copy/pasting the posts I want to keep, so I guess this blog will get a bit fatter over the next few days.

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