Jackie's Virtual Playground

A catch up (not ketchup)

I thought that after my last big post I should write a little about what’s happened between now and then. Some of the news is sadly a little disappointing – due in large to financial reasons, I didn’t start at uni this year. I will however do everything within my power to start next year…

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Life Changes

First of all, I warn you this is likely to be a long post. Hey, I haven’t posted here in a while, this one makes up for that! Also, it’s very late, so apologies for any grammatical errors and / or waffling. At 3am this morning, I made a life changing decision. I’ve had a…

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Something to do

I need to regenerate some brain activity by doing something that doesn’t involve technology, so I thought I might attempt to get the creative juices flowing and start writing some poetry again. I haven’t written any in a very long time, and I always used to enjoy it. Having come across a ‘how to write…

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As most of us will know, there are certain things / situations / events that you realise will potentially change your life forever. There are bridges in life, and when one is staring you in the face you know that crossing that bridge will have a huge impact on the future and maybe change things…

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Bonfire night

It’s that time of year again. That time when it sounds like there’s a warzone right on your doorstep. That time when the local idiots think it’s funny to throw explosives at people. That time when little girls and boys get major burns and scars for life all because Mommy and Daddy thought it would…

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