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Tired, cold, and a cleansing ritual

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week have been spent at our old house clearing up the remaining junk before the eviction date. In sub zero temperatures (or at least it felt that way!). It’s safe to say it’s been freeeeeeeezing! I’m also trying to recover from a nasty cold which so far has been hanging on for well over 2 weeks. I’d almost got rid of it but spending a lot of time in a freezing cold house seems to have revived it. On top of that, I’m feeling very, very tired.

There is an upside though, I’ve found lots of things I’d long forgotten about or feared lost. Three precious things in particular – the wedding and engagement ring of my late grandmother and a ring that my husband had bought me for our second anniversary. I was over the moon to find those. None of them have much monetary value but a heap of sentimental value, so that made the whole thing worth it for that alone.

Sorting through the past years of your life is strange but good. I got all gooey sorting through my daughters old books, remembering which were her favourite bedtime stories when she was little and how she enjoyed the book of silly poems I used to read to her. And then there’s the old school reports which almost always say the same thing – she’s bright, does very well in every subject but especially maths, and is shy in class. Ah the memories.

I also rescued my collection of Enid Blyton books which I’ve had since I was 6 or 7 and passed on to my daughter when she was old enough. I’m hoping any future grandchildren will also appreciate them as we both did. Some things are timeless and worth holding on to.

Of course alongside the good stuff was a massive amount of junk to be thrown out. I’m not sure how we managed to keep all of that stuff in one little 3 bed terraced house! As much as it was a drag to do it all, the memories were worth reviving and it almost felt like a cleansing ritual.

No turning back now. After some harsh lessons, the future is beckoning.

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