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Intimidating record stores?

According to HMV, us women find not only downloading music mystifying, but we also find shopping in record stores intimidating.

From an article on the BBC website

*‘Less intimidating’*
“Record stores have generally been a bit of a male preserve,” an HMV spokesman said.
“When more women are comfortable with downloading they may find it less intimidating to do that on their own computers, rather than go into a record store.”

Now I can’t speak for any other woman obviously, but I can’t say that I’ve ever felt intimidated by a record store. The prices might intimidate me, but certainly not the store or the people in it.

I wonder where they get their information from? Did they interview a group of record store phobic women or something?

I don’t know, it’s a new one on me. No wonder I like Virgin better than HMV (which actually has more to do with price than feeling intimidated by racks of CD’s and DVD’s).


  1. Zenith says:

    You’re probably right Shadow.

    And yes, HMV are still alive (don’t know about well) on the high street. :)

  2. Shadow says:

    Have you noticed your bold/strong is not always applying itself?

    It’s behaving very erratically…

  3. Zenith says:

    I hadn’t no, thanks for pointing it out. Will hopefully be fixed with the upgrade (which I wanted released like yesterday). :D

  4. Stuart says:

    The Textile problem is for single letters. It’s a known bug. Nothing to do with TXP itself so don’t hold your breath.

  5. Stuart says:

    I prefer MVC myself but I find plenty of women in various music shops (not that I’m looking for them you understand). I think these surveys are totally biased by being restricted to south of Watford. Maybe they ought to get out and about in the real world.

  6. Shadow says:

    Probably one of those surveys where they totally confuse people into giving the response they are trying to get.
    Do you feel intimidated when buying a CD? No.
    Do you feel intimidated in most record stores? No.
    Do you think you are more prone to feeling intimidated in a] a record store or b] at home? *A* – a record store.
    So out of the 3 choices of a] home, b] record store or c] a restaurant, which would give you the strongest feeling of intimidation? *B* – a record store.
    Have you bought many CD’s lately? No.
    Is this because you have felt intimidated? No.
    But you do feel intimidated more in a record shop than in a supermarket? Yes.
    So finally, please choose only one of the following: a] In a record store you may feel intimidated if you are not sure which CD to buy and you ask for help and they belittle your choices. b] You could feel intimidated if you went to the counter to pay for your purchase and realised you did not have enough money and everyone looked at you as if you are a lower class citizen. c] You will always make sure you show confidence in a record store from now on, in order to avoid intimidation such as those described above. *C*.

    Judging by the results of this survey, you are prone to feeling intimidated in a record store…

    Just on a side note – are they still called record stores and does HMV still exist?

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